A Poem By Blanca

I’d like to share a poem my mom wrote, that I recently found.


A Dream

By Blanca Hernandez

There once was a big woman named “BLANCA”! She wishes she could live
the life of “Ivanka”

High on the nineteenth floor!
with a steel metal door, this woman often says,staring in space
throughout the days, That how wonderful it would be,
to have the opportunity,to shop all around town,
and maybe, even purchase a comforter,that is a goose-feathered down,
and also, to wish; to wish; to have a dream !the dream to work on an
“e Machine”! To work on a wonderful scanner, and print out a “Big Bad
Banner”, As I would love to purchase a notebook,
One that can even give you a cookbook!

I love my two children dearly
And only to see them,especially when their eyes light up
beneath the tree yearly.
Oh Well, I can say,
Please! My children; My dears HAVE A WONDERFUL DAY!!